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Bijoux cats in their new homes.

Bijoux Nike & and Bijoux Skippy Jon

Blue and seal point neuters born July 18, 2018
are owned and loved by Melissa B.
They are GC Alexy Keeper x Giselle babies.

GP, RW Bijoux Gabriel

Seal point neuter born July 10, 2018 now lives with
Melissa B. and littermates Nike and Skippy Jon.

GP Bijoux Obi Wan

Blue point neuter born July 10, 2018 lives with Jennifer P.
Obi is a littermate to Nike, Skippy Jon and Gabriel,
pictured above.

GP Bijoux Brian of Alexy

Blue point neuter born August 18, 2017 is out of
Keeper & Giselle. He lives with Michelle P. and her gang.

CH Bijoux Celeste of Ayuthaya

Blue point female born August 18, 2017 out of
Keeper & Giselle lives with Susan P.

Alexy Oliver

Oliver is from Aphrodite's first litter and lives
with Rick and Lisa M.


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